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Air Malta CEO Gives Up 70% Of His Salary As Minister Calls Out Pilots For ‘Unfair Attacks’

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Air Malta’s CEO Clifford Chetcuti has personally requested a 70% reduction in his salary and bonuses, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri has announced.

“Air Malta had already said there would be substantial managerial pay cuts and it’s unacceptable for there to be such attacks against the CEO,” Schembri told a press conference. “He has personally requested a 70% reduction in his salary and bonuses to ensure that he sacrifices too. I’m not here to defend the CEO but this isn’t the time to cast doubt on people.”

“The government believes in Air Malta and wants to strengthen it but we require genuineness from everyone.”

Air Malta recently confirmed it plans to lay off 108 pilots and 139 cabin crew after their respective unions refused to endorse a social wage proposal that would see employees currently not working reduce their salaries to €1,200 a month.

The Airline Pilots Association said that while their members were willing to accept pay cuts, it was unfair that they do so without Air Malta’s management also accepting a cut. The pilots’ union singled out Chetcuti, criticising him for not being upfront about his own salary cuts and perks “like most other respectable CEOs around the globe have done”.

Schembri said today that while he doesn’t want to see pilots and cabin crew lose their jobs, the situation requires everyone to pull the same rope.

“Although deadlines [for the acceptance of the social wage] has passed, there must be respect and faith between the two sides. I was saddened to see such an attack on Air Malta’s management. Their workload has increased and it’s unfair to cast doubt on them.”

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