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Bars, Kazini And Cinemas Reopen! All The COVID-19 Restriction Measures Being Eased In Malta Today

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Today marks a new chapter in Malta’s return to normality with the reopening of bars and cinemas as more COVID-19 restriction measures are eased. 

For the first time since last October, bars will be allowed to reopen their doors to patrons, but they will have to operate under a set of strict measures that limits movement and music at the venue.

In addition, cinemas and theatres will be able to host an audience once more, people will be able to meet outside in groups of six outside and contact sports for certain age groups can resume.

With Sette Gunio marking a new chapter in the hopeful return to normality, here’s everything you need to know about the measures being lifted today.

  1. Bars and kazini can open until midnight
  2. Cinemas and theatres can open their doors
  3. Groups of six people are allowed to meet in public
  4. The number of people on the same table has increased to six
  5. Contact sports for people aged 17 and over restarts
  6. Gaming and betting establishments reopen

Despite a prolonged reopening, bars and kazini will still have to adhere to strict measures including a limt on the volume of music being played to avoid people shouting over one another. Moreover, patrons and diners must stay seated at all times and will have to wear a mask when they leave the table. 

Malta will also begin issuing its second round of COVID-19 vouchers today with €40 eligible to be spent on retail outlets and €60 for restaurants and other establishments.

Health Minister Chris Fearne also announced that Malta has recorded zero new cases of COVID-19 today for the first time in 11 months. 

Malta currently has 74 active cases of COVID-19 while 233,826 people have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

From 28th June, summer schools will reopen and contact sports will be allowed for people under 17. 

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