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‘As A Woman, I Wish Her Well’: PL Candidate Endorses Metsola’s Second Term

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Labour MEP candidate Claudette Abela Baldacchino has endorsed Roberta Metsola’s nomination for a second term as European Parliament President.

“As a woman who lived through politics and who believes that politics should be carried out differently, I wish Roberta Metsola the best for her candidature. Only good can come from the European Parliament,” she said.

Metsola and Abela Baldacchino, along with Marlene Mizzi, jointly became Malta’s first women MEPs back in 2013.

Abela Baldacchino told Lovin Malta that she and Metsola were on the same page in certain instances and disagreed on others but that she “wants to look forwards and not backwards”.

“As a Maltese woman, I wish her well. It’s logical for me… I want what’s best for my country. At the end of the day, she did well in the elections and I have no doubt she will work for Malta.

Metsola herself had congratulated Abela Baldacchino when she announced she was contesting the MEP election.

“Many of the cracks we see in the glass ceiling are also because of her efforts,” Metsola said of the PL candidate. “We shared some important moments and challenges since our first election and while we come from different sides of the political divide, I wish her well.”

Metsola won 87,473 first-count votes at the European Parliament election, setting a new record for a Maltese candidate. Abela Baldacchino did extremely well herself and was the final candidate to get eliminated from the count, losing out to Thomas Bajada by a mere 545 votes.

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