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‘Baby Max Is Still Lost’: Clock Ticking As Dog With Health Problems Last Seen In Mtaħleb Missing For Days

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A lost dog which was last seen in Mtaħleb urgently needs to be found in order to take the medication needed for its health problems.

The owners are urgently appealing for people to get in touch if they spot the dog, who is only a few months old, stressing that it will start having fits if it does not take its medication.

“I am going out of my mind,” the owner told Lovin Malta, desperately appealing for help. 

“He needs medication as soon as possible, as if he doesn’t take it he will start having fits. A reward will also be given. If anyone finds him they can take him either to the police, a vet, or Animal Welfare. He is chipped,” she said.

Max was last seen in Mtaħleb on Saturday, with the owners having been searching from dusk until very late at night to find it.

The owners have already notified the police, Animal Welfare, and all local vets regarding its disappearance. 

If you spot Max or know anything that could be of help, contact the owners at 99844497.

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