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‘Badly Decomposed’ Dolphin Carcass Removed After Washing Up On Selmun Beach

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A decomposing dolphin carcass had to be removed from the shoreline in Selmun after being found last Friday.

The dolphin’s body had decomposed beyond the point that a necropsy would be accurate so members of ERA have removed the body to be taken for incineration, a Nature Trust Malta spokesman told Lovin Malta.

However, he also noted that due to the currents and strong winds during these months, it was not abnormal for some dolphins and turtles to get caught and wash ashore.

“When we have these strong north-easterly winds, especially during the months of January, February and March, there will be a few dolphins and turtles floating in those currents, and if they hit land they might end up on our shores,” he said. 

The dolphin was removed from Selmun last Friday

The dolphin was removed from Selmun last Friday

Dolphins are a protected species under Maltese law.

This grisly find comes after another dead dolphin was discovered entangled in net last week.

The Nature Trust spokesman went on to say that just today, they had received reports of a possible turtle who got caught up in the same currents and may be stuck in Grand Harbour.

A search for that turtle is currently underway.

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