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Be A Hero – Register To Donate Your Organs Right Now

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You can finally officially register to donate your organs after death, and have your wishes become a legally binding agreement.

Malta’s Minister for Health Chris Fearne announced that the new system will ensure your desire to help as many people as possible after you die is seen through. Now it’s your time to step up, and be a hero. All it takes is filling in a few details.

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The old ‘organ donor card’ was a good way to indicate you were cool with the idea of helping others after your time was up, but it could still be overruled by family members. Now, the registry, which falls under the responsibility of the Superintendence of Public Health, will stop that from happening.

You can choose to donate all your organs, or pick and choose which ones you’d rather not give away (even though you’re not really using them…).

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To register all you have to do is go to your local polyclinic and fill out the forms, or log-in to your E-ID account and fill in this form.

While applauding the step in the right direction, it’s good to note that online registration is a bit of a hassle as no one really wants to bother with the E-ID system. Filling out papers at your polyclinic though – super easy.

Currently there are 140 patients awaiting a transplant, with only 40 transplants occurring last year. So if you ever ever thinking about doing it – now is the time!

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