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Birżebbuġa Is The New… Venice? Rising Seawater Leaves Residents Salty AF

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Photos of roads filled with seawater in Birżebbuġa have incensed local residents with complaints that their locality is ignored, the residents are forgotten, and all their cars are rusty.

“It’s totally shameful – the Marsa Flyovers will be completed before they finish Triq Zaren Dalli. They’ve been working on this street for months. The government and local council are continuously messing with residents. As long as we got the Carnival in summer though, right,” one resident sarcastically said.

“We have been suffering through this for so many years and nothing had been resolved,” said another. “Why why? We have been so patient waiting for this problem to be resolved. I really feel sorry that my home town has been neglected.”

Some people even began seriously calling for a bridge to be built in the area for pedestrians to be able to walk through their own town.

Aside from the fact that the water was seawater, which can damage cars, one resident said that the water also included drainage and run-off being leaked into St George’s Bay.

Local residents were disgusted by what they saw, with responses ranging from anger to sarcasm

“You get off the bus stop at the stage and you’ll need to call a gondola,” said one commentator, with another adding that you can “go to the local council for applications for a subsidised gondola for all those affected”.

Residents were quick to point out that the local council was situated near the flooded street, yet were still slow to act.

Following the social media backlash, MP Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, who contests in that district, commented online saying that he had forwarded a Parliamentary Question to Transport Minister Ian Borg about the situation “that has been present for many years”.

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