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Bolt Courier Claims He Suffered Punch To Nose While Picking Up Order From Żabbar Pizzeria

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A Bolt courier has claimed that he allegedly suffered injuries to his nose after being punched in the face while picking up an order from a Żabbar eatery.

The Bolt courier, Pakistani Umair Zia, recounted the turn of events to Lovin Malta, explaining how “some Maltese people see us like dogs”. The owner has denied the claims. 

“I went to the pizzeria to pick up the order, and I was told that the order is not ready. After 30 minutes I asked why my order was late, and then he start verbally abusing me,” he told the newsroom.

When he told him not to abuse him, the man allegedly came out and pushed Umair, resulting in him falling on the floor.

“I asked him, why are you pushing me? And I started to call the police. He came with the food and told me to take the food and get out from there.”

“I told him that since he pushed me, I am going to call the police. Then he came to me and punched me in the face, with my nose starting to bleed.”

When the victim called the police, he was instructed to go to the health centre to obtain and medical report, and then go to the station.

He also claimed that this is not the first time that a food delivery courier was attacked at the same eatery.

“He behaves like we are not human. We are slaves and he is our dictator. We came to Malta from different countries and we serve people with a smile. But some Maltese people see us like dogs.”

The victim also provided Lovin Malta with the police report and the medical report, with a police spokesperson confirming that a report was placed.

“A report was filed with the police and an investigation is ongoing,” a police spokesperson told Lovin Malta.

Lovin Malta also reached out to the owner of the eatery, who explained that the claim is fictional.

“This is not true, he doesn’t even have any videos or proof to show that we committed this crime. I have CCTV cameras outside that show what really happened. You cannot accuse a person when things are not verified,” the owner told Lovin Malta.

“I give them water when it’s a heatwave, sometimes they order food and I give them a discount,” he explained. “Why is he trying to harm the business?” he questioned.

Police investigations are ongoing on this matter, and further developments are expected.

What do you make of this? 

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