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Bouncer Speaks On Strippers In Malta: ‘The Girls Are Meant To Encourage As Much Spending As Possible’

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A bouncer who worked in Paceville gentlemen’s club has opened up about working girls and the processes used to entice clientele into their bar.

“As long as the customer is paying, the girls are interested,” Rysiek* told Lovin Malta. “But once he leaves or the funds are gone, they’ll kick him out of the private zone and the club.”

His comments come after a Canadian man spent €15,000 in a Paceville strip club in one night. The man says he was left traumatised by the incident, and says he was “drugged and scammed” during the night.

“Well, that is easy to believe,” says Rysiek. “I’ve seen quite a similar situation once in a club in Poland, a guy lost €250,000 in the same way…”

In Rysiek’s eyes, what the girls are doing is “not ethical, but on the other hands, how stupid do you have to be to visit a place like this?”

“The girls are supposed to encourage the customers to spend as money as possible,” he continues. “I’ve heard about girls who earned a couple of thousand euro per night. The deal between the owner and the girl is often a 50/50 percent split of the bill, which can be big.”

When it comes to the claims of being drugged by the club, Rysiek is unsure.

“I’m 99% sure there were no drugs in the club I worked for, but I do not really know what is happening in the other clubs,” he said.

He advised revellers to be more aware of how gentlemen’s clubs operate legally.

“They should know how the clubs work. Expensive drinks, pressure of buying drinks for the girls, private dances that cost about €40 per song….” he trailed off.

*The bouncer’s real name has been amended at his request

What do you think of strip clubs and how they operate?

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