Breaking: Dozens Of Private Messages Are Being Leaked From The Phone Of Malta's Opposition Leader

Data dump includes discussions with aides on political strategy, as well as private conversations

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It has become evident in recent days that the phone of Opposition leader Adrian Delia has been compromised, with dozens of private messages being circulated through WhatsApp.

The data dump includes political strategy discussions with some of Delia’s closest aides, as well as private conversations unrelated to politics.

Some of the messages are screenshots, while others are photos of the messages on Delia's phone, clearly indicating that someone has gained access to it. The compromised messages include SMSs, WhatsApp messages and Facebook Messenger chats.

Video and audio footage of family arguments at Delia’s household and documents related to his former law firm Aequitas Legal are also circulating on WhatsApp chats.

Lovin Malta has reached out to Delia for a reaction but he has refused to comment.

The leaks come in the middle of a hectic period for the PN leader after his wife Nickie Vella de Fremeaux accused him, in a court application, of domestic violence as part of ongoing separation proceedings. Delia has vehemently denied the accusations, while Vella de Fremeaux's brother has publicly said he and his family will support the Opposition leader through these difficult times.

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