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As People’s Rubbish Litter Streets Of Buġibba, Residents Fear What Message It Will Send To Tourists

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Residents of Buġibba have expressed concern about the state of the locality’s streets which have become a dumping ground for people’s rubbish.

Photos sent to Lovin Malta show the extent of the rubbish dumped on the streets, including mattresses, old furniture, glass and general waste, making it almost impossible to walk on the sidewalk in some cases. 

“This is how we are greeting tourists in Buġibba,” a concerned resident told Lovin Malta. “It’s disgusting and out of hand, the local council is not interested.”

Lovin Malta has reached out to St Paul’s Bay Local Council for a comment on the situation. 

This isn’t the first time local residents have complained about rubbish piles taking over the streets of the locality, with previous reports alleging that it has taken over a week for them to be cleaned up. 

The northern region is highly popular amongst foreign nationals and tourists however its beauty has been tarnished by the copious amounts of rubbish polluting the street. 

With Malta set to open its doors to tourists on 1st June, residents are concerned that the rubbish-ridden streets of Buġibba will send the wrong image to holiday-goers. 

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