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Calculate Exactly How Much You Hate Maltese Traffic With This Online Road Rage App

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If it exists, there’s an app for it – and as we are all aware, Maltese traffic is very much a thing that exists. This new ‘Frustration Calculator‘ app helps you figure out exactly how angry you are, depending on where you’re driving and what time of day it is.

“Congestion costs the country 4% of its GDP. This cost is expected to increase to 8% by 2050.”

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The calculator, which forms part of Project Aegle, also shows you the average speed of your journey, the time you spent in traffic, and most horribly the total amount of time you’ll waste in your life stuck behind someone else’s exhaust pipe.

Project Aegle brings a group of local experts to help sciencify (yes that’s a real word) a daily problem for most commuters. Launched today at the Toyota Showroom, the Frustration Calculator is being used to try make transportation in Malta a bit more sustainable and “to make people aware of the cost of their journeys in terms of the time lost in traffic and the impact that this has on their general wellbeing”

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Calculator aside, the Project Aegle website also has a space for the public to contribute their ideas to help reduce the traffic problem our country is currently plagued with.

So, how frustrated are you? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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