Can You Guess The Epic Number Of Passengers That Touched Down In Malta's Airport This Year?

HINT: it's a record-breaking number!

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Photo: Malta International Airport / Facebook

It's official – since the 1st January 2016, five million people have been passengers at the Malta International Airport! What does this mean? It means that this year has been a record-shattering one for MIA, with crazy passenger numbers providing them with a new milestone in their history. 

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Numbers like this were once considered "inconceivable for Malta," said MIA CEO Alan Borg. He confirmed that the focus for the team at MIA will be to continue to improve the infrastructure of Malta's airport, which is made up of just one terminal. Though, it has to be said, it's one pretty damn good one. 

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Jumping on the celebratory band wagon Dr Edward Zammit Lewis, Minister for Tourism, added that air connectivity would remain a key part of the government's growth strategies. Whilst Malta Tourist Authority CEO, Paul Bugeja, was basically like – damn, we just keep getting better and better at this tourism thing (we're paraphrasing here).

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This is really a celebration for all Maltese people, and testimony to the visit-ability of our awesome, gorgeous, fun, sunny, amazing islands!

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