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‘Can’t We Even Open A Public Toilet?’: Labour MP Flags Several Frustrating Problems In His District

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Labour MP Joe Mizzi gave an impassioned speech in Parliament this week, in which he flagged several small but consistently frustrating problems that people in the Second District experience.

“People find it easy to complain to me but you must also impose pressure,” Mizzi, a former Energy Minister and Transport Minister, said. “People in the Second District are feeling a bit frustrated; they’re small things but they’re annoying everyone.”

First off, he warned that a public toilet in Birgu close to where monti hawkers set up their stalls every Tuesday and Sunday has remained closed for way too long.

“The local council is ready to do the necessary work to open the toilet but they need someone to monitor it, especially on Tuesdays and Sundays, to prevent abuse,” Mizzi said. “The local council cannot monitor it themselves. We monitor so many things; why can’t we monitor a toilet?

He said he feels ashamed seeing people resort to doing their business behind trees, describing it as “unacceptable”.

“Let’s just open this blessed toilet and monitor it to prevent any abuse that may arise.”

Mizzi also urged the authorities to move a monti fishmonger away from his spot right underneath a block of flats as the stench from his stall is unbearable to residents.

He also complained about infrastructural works – including the lack of traffic management near De La Salle in the afternoon, the inability to drive out of Żabbar without passing through No Entry signs due to roadworks, and the presence of a large hole en route to Xgħajra as part of the New Water project.

Moreover, he warned that stenches from the Ta’ Barkat Sewage Treatment Plant have got worse, urging the authorities to inform the citizens if anything went wrong and conduct the necessary works to solve the problems.

“I’m speaking out so that those responsible take heed,” Mizzi said, adding that residents constantly bombard him with these kinds of problems whenever they see him.

“If things aren’t improved, I’ll come back here and give another speech, and if they are improved I will say so too. Hopefully next Sunday the toilet will be open; if we can’t even open a toilet then I don’t know what to say. We’ve solved so many things; can’t we solve a toilet?”

Cover photo: Joe Mizzi addressing a conference as Energy Minister

What do you make of Joe Mizzi’s speech? 

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