Castille Protestors Reject Government's Electricity Olive Branch

Protestors set up a generator instead

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The Occupy Castille protest is camped and well underway - but an issue has arisen around electricity.

The protestors had requested electricity from St. James Cavalier, and the government had approved the request. But within minutes, a story appeared on Labour-owned One News boasting about the government's cooperation.

This led to the protestors refusing the electricity and setting up their own generator.

A representative for the activists told Lovin Malta: "We are refusing the electricity from the government - what we want from the government is not electricity, what we want from the government is actually for them to listen to what people are telling them they want, and that's the resignation of the Police Commissioner and the Attorney General, as well as a proper law whereby their replacements are elected. We are thankful to the government for offering it, but this is not what we wanted. Giving us electricity is not going to shut us up."

She also explained how the electricity situation came about in the first place.

"We had asked  St. James Cavalier to see if we could use an electricity line, and they said yes - but we didn't expect the government to use this to their credit, to spin it in their favour. When we realised that, we said 'no we don't want it, we will find alternative forms of electricity.'"

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The protest camp set up in Castille Square last night, and after their first night out they have stocked up on supplies. The camp was set up to demand the resignation of the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police, and for them to be replaced with people who enjoy the Maltese public's trust. Since setting up the camp last night, support has been pouring in both online as well as in tangible donations. 

With donations pouring in, the protestors have even given some of their extra food to Dar Merhba Bik, a foundation that helps women and girls in need, and a foundation that was close to Daphne Caruana Galizia's heart.

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Last night, her sons sent an emotional appeal to the protestors, expressing their support and gratitude. 

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