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Ceiling Caves In At Popular Msida Snack Bar While Construction Work Is Carried Out On The Floor Above

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Part of the ceiling above Duke’s snack bar in Msida collapsed this morning, sending debris and wood crashing into the premise.

There had been construction work happening on the floor above the popular snack bar in Msida, which several sources have pointed at as being the reason why the ceiling caved in.

Duke’s snack bar is a popular stop and is frequented by workers and students alike during the week. Thankfully, the bar is closed on Saturdays meaning that no one was hurt as a result of the incident earlier today.

This isn’t the first incident in which ceilings or walls have collapsed as a result of nearby construction work this year, and considering that it is still happening well into October, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if this wasn’t the last either.

Earlier this year, the government stopped all excavation work due to the worrying number of cases emerging similar to this, but work resumed after new laws were quickly drafted and implemented.

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