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Church Schools Will Also Be Opening A Week Later, Curia Confirms

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A statement issued by the Secretariat for Catholic Education has confirmed that Church schools will be following government schools and re-opening their doors at a later date.

Earlier today, the Education Ministry announced that students will return to school a week later than planned, with the tentative reopening date being the week between 7th and 14th October.

Church schools have now followed suit, setting forth that they will be opening at the same time as those in the government sector. It is reported that the extension has been given in order for teaching staff to familiarize themselves with the various protocols and measures which need to be followed in preparation for the forthcoming scholastic year.

Meanwhile, the Secretariat for Catholic Education confirmed that “Online teaching and learning is not permitted up to the 6th October. This is in conformity with the direction issued by the Ministry for Education and Employment and the MUT”

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