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Cloudy With A Chance Of Staying In To Watch The Eurovision: Here’s The Weather In Malta This Weekend

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Whether you’ve been eagerly waiting for the weekend to go out and enjoy the great outdoors or stay in and enjoy the Eurovision Grand Final, this weekend has actually got you covered both ways. Hear me out.

This week hasn’t been the most summery mid-May for the islands, with frequent strong bouts of heavy rain making their way to Malta right up to yesterday.

Today’s beautiful start is definitely better than anything we’ve had all week, but a cloudy turn later on could be a sign of things to come, with the whole weekend pretty much showing the exact same weather across the board. Highs of 21°C will budge up to 23°C, but with winds of Force 4 and 5, days will probably still require a zip-up or two. The same could be said for the evenings, with lows of 15°C and 16°C persisting right up till Sunday.

Lovin Malta Weather Mid May Weekend

So if you’re willing to brave some clouds and potentially strong winds later and make the most of Malta’s outdoors for some pre-summer picnics, this might be the perfect weekend for you. If you’d rather stay in and watch the Eurovision Grand Final, turns out this also is the perfect weekend for you!

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