Comino Not For Sale! Real Estate Agent Newbie's Error Leads To Social Media Panic

Engel & Völkers agency allays fears over advert 'selling' Comino land for €100 million

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Social media went into panic mode this morning after a real estate agency listed a plot of land in Comino for sale for €100 million.

However, it turns out such anger was misplaced and the advert was merely a human error that occurred during the training of a new recruit at Engel & Völkers Sara Grech.

“We were training an assistant how to upload property details into our database using mockup data, but unfortunately she accidentally published it last night,” E&V managing director Benji Tabone told Lovin Malta. “I can confirm that there has been no authorisation or instruction from E&V to sell land in Comino. We’re very pro-Malta and we don’t like being at the centre of such fake news; this was just a unfortunate human error!”

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A baptism of fire for this new recruit, to be sure, but also a clear example of how easily misinformation can spread. “Is Comino for sale? What next?” PN MEP candidate and environmental activist Michael Briguglio said in a tweet that was retweeted by the Nationalist Party’s shadow environment minister Jason Azzopardi.

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“Buying a slice of Comino…actually 70,000 square metres (equivalent to 23 full-size fuel stations) for the measly sum of €100 million,” said marine biologist Alan Deidun. “Is this for real or just a stunt? Can Engel & Volkers please shed more light, especially since this advert has shocked many?”

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Crisis averted for now, but the way so many people were willing to believe something so outrageous certainly gives us some food for thought….

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