Contractor Gives Gwardamanġa Families New Residences After Their Apartment Comes Crumbling Down

Housing Authority will also give the four families money to help them buy everyday necessities


Four families who were rendered homeless last night after their block of apartments in Gwardamanġa collapsed will be provided with alternative accommodation by the contractor allegedly responsible for the accident.

The Housing Authority announced this update in a statement, in which it also pledged to financially assist the affected families so as to allow them to purchase everyday necessities.

“The Housing Authority will remain in contact with each family and will keep following the case so as to be in a position to offer any help they may need,” it said.

Fingers of blame for last night’s tragedy have immediately been pointed at a construction site which was situated right next to the block of apartments. Residents said they had warned the contractor that the construction work was damaging their property, prompting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to inquire into the nature of these complaints.

However, Muscat urged people not to use this case to generalise the construction industry.

“When you take into consideration how much construction work is under way, we cannot use these events to characterise everything from this accident, as this would not be fair to those who abide by the rules,” he said.

Cover photo: TVM

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