Controversial NYB 'Billboard' Was Not Removed By The Police, Says Owner Of Ad Space

'Fake news' has just been added to the saga

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The outdoor advertising company used by food franchise New York Best for its controversial Last Supper artwork has denied that the image was taken down by the police.

Xarabank reported earlier this afternoon that the billboard was removed by police because it did not have a permit. 

But Philippe Gatt, the managing director of Streetcom, dismissed the report as "fake news" and told Lovin Malta the sticker was removed yesterday by his own staff since it was damaged by the Moviment Patrijotti Maltin

"It will soon be replaced by another sticker," he said.

He added that showroom stickers - such as the one in question alongside the Msida skatepark - did not require permits because showrooms had every right to wrap their window panes with artwork stickers. 

When contacted, the police's media unit could not confirm or deny whether any action had been taken regarding the billboard and asked for questions to be sent by email. The questions have so far gone unanswered.

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