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Couple Literally Caught With Their Pants Down In Viral Video Showing Them Having Sex Outside A St Julian’s Hotel

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You’ll be hard pressed finding yourself in a more awkward situation than the one a couple have just found themselves in. A video showing them having sex outside a popular hotel in St George’s Bay has gone viral on Maltese WhatsApp groups, and it’s two straight minutes of… well, exactly what you’d expect.

The video, which seems to have been taken from inside the hotel, shows the man and the woman on the foreshore outside the hotel. The couple are clearly in their own world, with the woman even bending over in broad daylight at one point.

While there’s no way of confirming when the explicit (and embarrassing) video was shot, it’s been recently doing the rounds on several private threads on social media. And while there’s also no way of knowing how many people have watched the video by now, we’re pretty sure a whole lot of people have randomly received it from that one friend… even while at work.

Lovin Malta reached out to the hotel to see what they made of the video… and whether they were even aware of it to begin with

A security representative from the hotel told Lovin Malta that they were not aware of this incident in question, but have a procedure when customers or the general public attempt to break the law on their property

While they said they’d always call the police in such cases, they noted that the foreshore between the hotel and the sea is public land and that they would have no ability to remove people from that area. They would however be able to stop them if they were within hotel grounds.

What do you make of this video?

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