Da Vinci's Last Supper Gets A Taste Of New York Best

Take this and eat it, for this is my... slow-rise sourdough pizza?

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If you're offended by the thought of Jesus Christ eating a New York Best pizza at his Last Supper, you're probably going to want to avoid the Msida skatepark roundabout for a while.

NYB has just set up a 12 metre billboard showing Da Vinci's Last Supper with a bit of a food upgrade. Unleavened bread was replaced by NYB's sourdough pizza and "the blood of Christ" was replaced by milkshakes.

The artwork was designed by Daniel Mercieca and first appeared on NYB's Facebook page before someone dared them to make a billboard of it. 

And they didn't chicken out. The billboard was installed yesterday and received lots of praise and perhaps a disappointingly low level of outrage. 

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Chris Peregin