Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Teenage Nieces Make Sombre Pitch To Protect Their Aunt’s Legacy

"The Maltese government has done its utmost to tarnish and eradicate the memory of our brave aunt"

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Left: Megan and Amy Mallia address an Occupy Justice vigil, Right: The sisters with their late aunt, Daphne Caruana Galizia

Two teenage nieces of Daphne Caruana Galizia delivered a passionate speech last night, urging people not to allow the government to distort their late aunt’s legacy.

|Many question the value of honours and awards for our aunt Daphne when she has already been killed for her work, when those who ordered her assassination are still at large, and when the conditions that enabled her murder remain as desperate as ever,” Megan Mallia, 18, said at an Occupy Justice vigil to mark the 13-month anniversary of Caruana Galizia’s murder. “But as her nieces, we think differently, as does the rest of her family. Killing Daphne was only one step in making her disappear. They try killing her legacy by distorting her work now that she can no longer defend it. They tried to turn the public against her by calling her a hate blogger, a traitor and a witch. They continually intimidate and harass those calling for justice for her and her stories. Her legacy is a gift to society and has inspired many, including you here.”

“The Maltese government has done its utmost to tarnish and eradicate the memory of our brave aunt, after years of her being harassed, denigrated, dehumanised and vilified. But the government doesn’t see beyond the shores of this tiny rock. In the 13 months since her assassination, Daphne has achieved several honours and awards worldwide - awards and honours which are important in helping to keep both her legacy and her memory alive.”

Her younger sister Amy then read out a list of all the posthumous international awards and honours which have been bestowed on her aunt - including the renaming of the press room at the European Parliament, an anti-corruption award by Transparency International and the Ġieħ il-Mosta award granted by her hometown.

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