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Daughter of Infrastructure Ministry Adviser Handed €108,542 In Direct Orders in 2020 – Report 

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The recently graduated daughter of an advisor to Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg was handed €108,542 in direct orders in 2020, according to media reports. 

Adreana Zammit, the daughter of Jesmond Zammit, an advisor within Borg’s ministry, was handed a €62,400 contract by direct order to provide legal services within the ministry, according to the Times of Malta

Zammit is understood to have been awarded the contract in October 2019, a few months before officially graduating as a lawyer. 

In August 2020, she was awarded an additional direct order for a six-month “legal consultation agreement” for which she was paid an additional €43, 900. 

This means that a year after graduating from university, the young lawyer racked in earnings of at least €108,542. This contrasts sharply with €20,000 a lawyer can hope to make in their first year after graduating from university.  

A spokesperson for the Infrastructure Ministry said that Zammit had initially been offered a work placement by the ministry during which she had proved herself. She was subsequently offered a three-year job with the ministry.  

The spokesperson did not reply to questions about the manner in which Zammit was engaged or how her salary compares to that of others with similar experience. 

What do you make of this?

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