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Death Of 5-Year-Old Girl Not Being Considered Due To COVID-19 But No Autopsy Update Possible Till Inquiry Concluded 

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The death of a five-year-old girl last week is not being considered a COVID-19 related death, the Health Ministry has confirmed. It however stopped short of providing any further information given that a magisterial inquiry into the girl’s tragic passing has been concluded. 

Last week Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne addressed a press conference, during which he said that a five-year-old girl had died in hospital some days earlier and just over 24 hours after being admitted.  

“An autopsy was performed as part of the Magisterial Inquiry. Blood and histology results are still pending. The autopsy and all other results form part of the inquiry relating to the in genere, and the orders relative thereto have to be given by the Inquiring Magistrate,” a ministry spokesperson said.

The minister’s press conference came as news of the girl’s death, and its possible link to COVID-19, started to spread on social media.

Fearne explained that the girl had tested negative for the virus upon being admitted to hospital. A subsequent test after she had passed came out “mildly reactive”, as Fearne put it. This, he said, meant that while traces of the virus had been found, its quantity was relatively small. 

Asked to confirm whether the death was being considered to be COVID-19 related, the spokesperson said that for the time being it wasn’t. 

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