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Delia Calls For An End To MPs’ Summer Break For Urgent COVID-19 Debate

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PN Leader Adrian Delia is demanding an end to MPs summer break for an urgent debate on a recent COVID-19 following Prime Minister Robert Abela’s “immoral” decisions.

“He told us at the outset that he wanted to enjoy summer and that’s what he is doing. He couldn’t care less about the country’s health.”

“What is happening now is of great concern. These are very big numbers for a country like ours,” Delia said in an interview with NET.

Delia was quick to praise government measures imposed in March when the pandemic first hit the country. However, he said the hard work of front liners has counted for nought because of the government’s “totally irresponsible” decision to lift preventive measures.

With the number of cases rising, Delia said that continued inaction from the government would only put the population, particularly the vulnerable, at risk.

“This is why we need to convene parliament with urgency to discuss the latest developments and come up with solutions,” he said.

Earlier, Abela played down criticism against the government over its handling of a recent spike. He said recent concerns were simply a “panic” but conceded that self-discipline in social distancing was not being followed and legislative action would need to be taken.

Abela also pointed to the economic realities of imposing drastic and restrictive measures on the country.

In response, Delia said that the government did not have a proper economic plan for recovery, insisting that measures imposed so far were simply short-term injections.

“Businesses should be helped to become COVID-proof. They were helped for a couple of months but then nothing else,” he said.

Do you think an urgent parliamentary debate should be called?

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