Dining Structure Eats Into Paceville Street Causing Outrage Over Planning 'Madness'

'Who would want to sit in the middle of traffic anyway?'

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Photos showing a newly-constructed patio area outside a Paceville establishment have been doing the rounds online as people's ire over the construction grows. 

The structure, which takes up the equivalent of two parking bays, was originally a loading area but has now been boarded up and fenced in, presumably to allow more space for Paceville's patrons to sit out in the traffic and enjoy a cool beer from the establishment in question.

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Local MP Karl Gouder expressed his full support for the St Julian's Local Council's decision to officially object to this construction. "I understand that our Local Council is objecting to this madness....full support all the way."


But it wasn't just Gouder who couldn't wrap their head around the idea, many comments were unimpressed with the latest addition to St. Julian's streets.

Some people have expressed their total lack of surprise at planning 'mishaps' such as these, linking to the images of yesterday's destroyed trees along the side of the road in Marsa. 

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