Doctors’ Exposé Wreaks Havoc In Massive Labour Supporters Facebook Group

Doctors' union is demanding an investigation into Facebook group for Labour supporters

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The administrators of a large Facebook group for Labour supporters have opened a new group and tightened the entry rules after a series of leaks prompted the Medical Association of Malta (MAM) to demand an investigation into potential politically discriminatory acts at Mater Dei. 

The furore started during Tuesday’s doctors’ strike, when PN councillor and blogger Alan Abela-Wadge published a post by one of the administrators of the ‘Laburisti sal-Mewt’ group, which has around 16,000 members, telling PL supporters to contact her for help if their outpatients’ appointments were impacted by the strike. 

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These posts prompted the MAM to demand an investigation at Mater Dei

The MAM got wind of this post and wrote to Mater Dei’s CEO Ivan Falzon to demand an investigation into potential political discrimination at the hospital. 

“We insist that outpatient appointments are made transparently and through the official procedures,” the MAM said. “We have requested our members to verify these procedures with their patients and reserve the right to all legal means in the event of irregularities.”

Half an hour after MAM published this statement, the administrators of ‘Laburisti sal-Mewt’ announced they were relocating to a new Facebook group called ‘Laburisti Maghqudin’ which would have more stringent entry rules. 

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While the old rules obliged members to provide a copy of their PL membership cards or a photo of themselves at a PL political activity, the new rules require them to provide a copy of their PL membership or a photo of themselves with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat or a government minister. 

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A Facebook group for Nationalist Party supporters, called ‘Grupp PN’ also exists and its entry rules are even more stringent. The group is secret and entry is restricted to people invited by PN candidates or committee members. 

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