Donald Trump's To-Be Intelligence Advisor Linked To Takeover Of Maltese Hospitals

This man is behind the imminent takeover of Vitals Global Healthcare

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Cerberus Capital Management CEO Stephen Feinberg 

The ultimate owner of the major US company set to purchase three Maltese hospitals from Vitals Global Healthcare is also reportedly close to be appointed as Donald Trump’s top financial intelligence advisor

Billionaire New York financier Stephen Feinberg is the co-founder and CEO of Cerberus Capital Management, a US private equity firm which owns Steward Health Care - the largest private hospital operator in the United States. Steward was established after Cerberus bought out Caritus Christi Health Care - a New-England-based Roman Catholic non-profit health service - $838 million back in 2010. Cerberus converted Caritus Christi into a for-profit company and rebranded it Steward Health Care. 

Last week, Foreign Policy magazine reported that Donald Trump is set to entrust Feinberg with leading the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, despite his lack of experience in government. Feinberg had donated nearly $1 million to a pro-Trump super PAC five days before the last US election and his name has constantly surfaced as a potential candidate for national security and military positions during Trump’s first year in office. 

Feinberg’s Cerberus also owns DynCorp, one of the largest military contractors in the US, which trains Afghanistan’s police force. Last year, Feinberg and Blackwater founder Erik Prince pitched plans to Trump to privatise the war in Afghanistan, replacing US military with private contractors and having the entire operation overseen by a “viceroy” - a position Feinberg was reportedly angling to fill himself. 

Steward Health Care is set to take over the operation of the St Luke’s and Gozo hospitals imminently, and Steward representatives are due in Malta this week to meet hospital unions and workers.

One of the VGH investors, Ashok Rattehali, recently filed a warrant of prohibitory injunction to stop the sale of the concession to Steward, after his fellow investors failed to give him guarantees that his shares will be effected by the transfer.  

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