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Drop Your Fork! Xemxija Fish May Not Be Safe To Eat After All

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The fish caught in their droves in Xemxija in the wake of this weekend’s storm may not be safe for human consumption, the Environmental Health Directorate has warned.

After several people started selling sea bream that was washed ashore, the Directorate announced that various inspections have been carried out during the day, with a number of fish being confiscated.

It also issued this health warning:

The Directorate wishes to point out that the safety of such fish cannot be guaranteed for various reasons. First of all, information on the origin of said fish is not available and whether such fish was already dead or not when caught.

If the fish was already dead, there is a possibility that the spoilage of the fish may have initiated, which also means that it can possibly lead to scombrotoxic fish poisoning due to high histamine levels. Secondly, farmed fish may have been on medical treatments and are only considered safe once the withdrawal period is exceeded.

The fish may also have been kept in unsanitary conditions and collected from roads, hence exposing the same fish to other possible health hazards.

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