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Drunk Ħal Far Resident Ordered To Pay Over €500 In Damages Caused To Ambulance 

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A Sudanese youth has been ordered to pay over €500 in repairs after damaging an ambulance that came to assist him after passing out from too much alcohol

19-year-old Abdalla Yahya passed out drunk at the Ħal Far Tent Village last Tuesday when an ambulance was called to assist the young man.

Instead of complying, the intoxicated youth lashed out at medics and caused damage to the ambulance.

Appearing in court, Yahya was accused of criminal damage, threatening a nurse and public disorder. The Sudanese national was also charged with being drunk in public and pleaded guilty to all charges.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke conditionally discharged the youth for two years and ordered him to pay €507 for the damage he caused to the ambulance. 

The court also warned Yahya that if he committed another offence in the next two years, he would face time behind bars.

The prosecution was led by Inspector Janetta Grixity. The defence counsel was led by Joseph Brincat.

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