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Earn Money Whilst Training At The Workplace With These Schemes In Malta

Whether you lost your job during the pandemic or looking for your first job after University, a bit of workplace training surely won’t do you any harm.

Now we all know how frustrating unpaid on-the-job training is, but Malta’s very own Jobsplus is here to save the day with not one, but two super useful schemes.

Jobsplus’ Work Exposure Scheme and Traineeship Scheme are looking to pay job seekers as they undergo training to ease into the workplace.


The aim of Jobsplus’ Work Exposure scheme is to facilitate job seekers’ transition into employment by providing them with some vital practical experience and training.

The knowledge and skills obtained from this experience will serve to strengthen the competencies required by participants to find and retain employment in the relevant line of work.

In a bid to ease the participants’ transitions from training to employment, the Work Exposure Scheme was designed to mirror the modern labour market demand – where the preferences of the job seekers are matched with employers’ requests.


Now, onto the details.

The Work Exposure Scheme consists of 240 work hours, to be carried out over a maximum of twelve weeks. In a single week, participants can work a maximum of 40 hours.

All participants are paid a training allowance by Jobsplus which is calculated on the national minimum wage.

The second paid incentive offered by Jobsplus is the Traineeship Scheme; This seeks to provide jobseekers with pre-employment training that, like the Work Exposure Scheme, provides them with the knowledge and skills required to find and retain employment.

The major difference between these two schemes is that the Traineeship Scheme requires participants to undergo off-the-job training on top of their on-the-job training.


During this scheme, participants must attend 300 hours of training over a maximum period of 12 weeks.

The 300 hours are to be split between on-the-job training – which would take up 282 hours – and off-the-job training – which would take up 18 hours.

The off-the-job training or tuition can either be delivered by Jobsplus at its training centre or by any other approved entity.

Like the Work Exposure Scheme, participants of this scheme are paid a training allowance by Jobsplus, calculated on the national minimum wage.

Before you go ahead and apply for any of these schemes, do make sure you’re eligible!

Eligible participants of both schemes must be registered unemployed persons and inactive job seekers – but other than that, pretty much anyone can take part.


So whether you’re a vulnerable person that wants to slowly get back into the rhythm of the workplace, or a student looking to gain some hands-on experience, these schemes are perfect for you.

And it isn’t just employees that can benefit from these schemes.

Employers who make use of said schemes can very easily train prospective employees without having to worry about paying their allowance.

Apart from that, through these schemes employers can get to know their trainees properly before offering them employment – that way, there’s little to no risk of bringing on board the wrong person for the job.

Interested in taking part?

Email Jobsplus on [email protected] or give them a call on 22201635 / 6 / 7 / 8.

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