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Embryo Freezing Song Draws Wrath Of PN Politician

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A Maltese song denouncing embryo freezing sung from the embryo’s point of view has gone viral on social media in recent days, invoking mixed reactions from the public. 

And now PN Msida councillor and election candidate Alan Abela Wadge has waded heavily into the debate, penning an open letter to the song’s lyricist George Cassar in which he criticises him for playing on people’s emotions.

“I would like to first and foremost question your reasoning as to why you chose to use an 8 week fetes in the mother’s womb as a background, instead of a picture of how the real frozen cells would look like,” he writes. 

“After much thinking about this I came to two conclusions; either you would like to intentionally mislead people into thinking that embryo freezing is some sort of cryogenic freezing of a fetus, or else you lack the knowledge to know the difference. I will not try and determine which one of the two it is as it is certainly not my duty to try and assume what was your reasoning.”

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Abela Wadge then goes on to dissect the song’s lyrics, which he describes as “laughable” (‘You’re assuming that a bunch of cells are conscious enough to know that they are being frozen’) and offensive to parents who made use of in-vitro fertilisation.  

“Do you know that some of these parents have suffered for many years and have been trying to procreate for as long as they can remember?” he writes. “Do you have any idea about the pain that a couple goes through when they’re trying to become parents and unfortunately they cannot?” 

“The only reason why these couples are trying to procreate is because they have so much love to share with someone that they haven’t met yet, that they are willing to try everything possible and spend as much money as they can afford (and sometimes more), only to become parents and give all they have to their child. Can you please tell me how that makes these parents careless, heartless and doesn’t value life?” 

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has frequently called for embryo freezing as a means of increasing the success rate of IVF. However, outgoing Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said he is against the technology because it “tampers with life”.   

Offensive, brave or harmless? What do you think of this song? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments section

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