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End Of An Era: Malta’s Most Beloved Radio Duo Have Gone Their Separate Ways

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It has been a year of change, to say the least, and one of Malta’s most iconic radio duos have decided to go their separate ways.

Just like a cup of coffee, XFM’s The Big Breakfast show ft. Oz and Jay was a sacred part of many people’s daily commute to work.

However, after a sudden absence from radio back in May, it appears that the return of the duo won’t happen after David Ozi Borg decided it was time to pursue his own business endeavours.


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“XFM chapter closed. My career is now going to focus on my recruitment interests which I’ve been involved with since 2001. We have an executive recruitment brand, BigWig which we launched late last year which is up and running and doing well. We are very excited about the future of this brand,” he told Lovin Malta.

Although the dynamic duo will no longer be heard on the radio together, The Big Breakfast has had a familiar but refreshing voice take the mantle.


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From Oz and Jay to Jay and Cor, fans were pleasantly surprised to hear that long time radio guru and XFM broadcaster Corrine Muscat would be stepping into Oz’s big shoes on the morning radio slot.

“As COVID-19 did to so many companies, we took a knock. I can guarantee you that it had nothing to do with money or his mental health. It was just a business decision, he has his own company that he needs to focus on,” Jason Zammit told Lovin Malta.

“It was sudden but the show must go on and Corrine has stepped up in the ranks and taken Oz’s position, she’s always been part of the show.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many a change and XFM’s new line up is just one of them.

Although Oz will be greatly missed, XFM will continue to march on with Corrine at the helm while the former radio star and mental health advocate will continue to stay in touch via his blog and other business endeavours.

“We are also on the verge of launching a second recruitment brand for the general market and are excited about its future,” Oz said.

“Regarding OzUncut and blogging, I will refocus it on what matters. Talking about my life, my journey, my passions. Whether that be professional, whether it is about my journey to be the healthiest version of myself or whether it be about my continual discovery of my mental health.”

And Oz isn’t ruling out the possibility of returning to radio either.

“Radio in my future? Uncertain at this stage,” he said.

Earlier this month, XFM radio host Trudy Kerr announced that she had parted ways with XFM after almost four years.

And with both Oz and Trudy moving on, Maltese radio won’t sound quite the same anymore.

“I wish it could be all three of us,” Jason pondered. “We’re still the best of friends.”

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