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Blue Bar’s Back… But Not As We Know It

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In recent weeks we’ve seen some people take to social media to pine over the closed doors of Junior College’s iconic Blue Bar. But just as all hope seemed lost, they’ve now launched a brand new page on Facebook, and it seems they’ve taken their re-branding very seriously.


Some people have quipped that the re-brand is another case of gentrification, which is usually something that doesn’t sit well with everyone, but the Cafe & Bistro seems determined to stick with their roots. They may have a new space, but it’s still owned by a face that is very familiar to generations of JC students.

Those who are curious about the changes may not have to wait too long, as the new Blue Bar (who’s re-branding was carried out by local design studio BloomCreative) gets ready to open its doors just in time for the next scholastic year, this October!

What are your best Blue Bar memories? Tell us in the comments on Facebook!

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