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Expats Clean Up Selmun Beach, Ask Council To Finish The Job

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An article on Lovin Malta inspired a couple of expats to clean up the picturesque bay in Selmun after photos showed it was fast becoming a rubbish dump. The vigilante cleaners are now hoping that the council will collect the garbage bags they filled.

“We started, they have to finish,” Ágnes Jakab told Lovin Malta. Together with her boyfriend, she cleaned up the entire beach in around 30 minutes, filling nine garbage bags with rubbish. Since they got to the beach by bus and don’t have their own car, they couldn’t discard of the bags themselves.

“This is our favourite beach in Malta because it is so secluded. One or two months ago we realised how dirty the countryside had started to become. We then saw the post on Lovin Malta about dirty Selmun. When we headed there on Saturday morning I thought nobody would have cleaned it up and unfortunately I was right,” she said.

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The beach is equipped with four huge bins but Jakab says they probably haven’t been emptied since last year because they’re all full to the brim with bottles, food and covered in insects and flies.

Jakab cannot understand why bins are not taken more seriously in Malta. 

“We live in Bugibba and you can’t imagine how it looks every morning. There are only four litter bins in Bugibba square but every Friday or Saturday night there are at least 5,000 people eating, clubbing, drinking. And all along the coast there are bins every 100 or 200 metres, but they are always full!”


Vigilante cleaning has fast becoming a thing in Malta with groups like Zibel documenting their activities and urging people to join the cause.

Tag a vigilante cleaner who would have done the same!

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