Family Fights Back After Claims Of Għadira Child-Snatching Are Allegedly Dismissed By Police

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A couple who accused a man of trying to kidnap and sexually assault their son has hit back at TVM after the national broadcaster ran a story saying police had dismissed the accusations as being fabricated.

Originally filing a police report last week before posting their accusations against a foreign beach-goer on Facebook, the family has now clapped back at the articles that surfaced in the aftermath with a new letter written on behalf of the mother. This letter claims that family reserves the right to sue TVM for slander and is demanding the article be pulled.

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At the time of writing, some 20 hours after the mother uploaded a copy of the letter, TVM's article is still online.

"Di fatti l-investigazzjonijiet da parti tal-Puluzija għadhom għaddejin u mhux minnu li l-każ waqaf hawn," reads a part of the letter. "Dan kollu huwa għal kollox inveritier u bla bażi."

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