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February Forgot How To Be February: This Is What This Week’s Weather In Malta Is Going To Look Like

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It looks like February is re-inventing itself this year, as we’re in for yet another mostly-sunny weekend.

We’re in the depth of winter and, well, the country looks like this:

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Image taken from @stephlauri

Today’s blue skies is giving us a sunny disposition that not even memories of that twenty minute heart-dropping moment following the BOV cyberattack can take away. Now that we’re (kind of) over the anxiety, our future is looking bright and sunny with highs of 14 degrees. Not bad for a February afternoon.

On Saturday things are going to get a little bit wetter…

To those scaredy-cats who aren’t okay with getting even their nose a little wet, you might want to spend your day indoors instead.

But that’s not going to be a problem since Bay Radio’s Daniel and Ylenia will have knocked down 24 hours out of their 28-hour radio marathon. And with that much talking (and sleep deprivation), who knows what entertainment the hosts will have in store for us by then.

Sunday is forecasted to climb back up to a high of 15 degrees and it’s going to be partly sunny all day.

Which means it’s the perfect weather to satisfy all those Sunday feels. Pack a lunch, get into your car, walk along a beach, watch the sunset, snap a pic and add it to your insta story so that all your foreign friends can get jelly, and drive home shivering because you forgot to grab that extra jumper on the way out.

Not only is your weekend’s sorted, but this great weather is forecasted to keep up all week. So if you’re working or otherwise stuck indoors this weekend, fear not – there shall be no FOMO for you. You’ve got all of next week to enjoy these bright, sunny days.

Weather 2

Weather forecast taken from the Malta Airport website

Tag a friend you’re going to be spending your weekend with in the comments!

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