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First Ever Lab-Grown Meat Butchery To Open Up In Singapore

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For the first time ever, lab-grown meat – otherwise known as cell-based meat – will now be available at an actual butcher’s shop.

Although Malta has a long way to go when it comes to this scientific marvel, Singapore is clearly light-years ahead, with the new establishment already turning heads.

“(This is) real meat, made without tearing down a forest or taking a life,” GOOD meat describes the modern cuisine. 

The idea of lab-grown meat is a recent concept, and will soon be available for consumers in Singapore.

How is it made?

Scientists can gather a small sample of cells from a living animal and cultivate the sample to grow in a lab, eventually shaping the fully formed cut of meat.

Chicken nuggets, fish fillets, steaks… you name it! In due course, all type of meat will be cultivated, AND it’s meant to taste the exact same as the original!

Singapore continues to be the only country in the world to authorise lab-grown meat to be sold and served to the public – to date, these have only been sold at specific facilities like fine-dining restaurants.

GOOD meats has partnered with Huber’s, and it will now be the first-ever butchery to sell lab-grown meat.

“Offering this new approach to making meat at a butchery is another historic moment in the long road to making our food system more delicious and sustainable. I’m very proud to partner with the Huber’s team to give people a whole new way to experience our cultivated chicken in the new year,” Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, said in a statement.

Huber’s will start selling the cell-based chicken in January, and the products will include chicken kebab, stew, and fried chicken skin.

“Cultivated meat could be one of the solutions to over-farming due to increased population size and density and an increase in animal protein consumption in many parts of the world,” said Huber’s executive director, Andre Huber.

This is a great step into the future of the food industry – a more humane way of cultivating our food. Lab-grown meat doesn’t require farming, slaughter, or harming any animals. 

It’s better for the animals, it frees more land, and can increase the access to food, and potentially reduce world hunger, without sacrificing the original taste of meat.

Would you consider purchasing lab-grown meat if it comes to Malta?

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