FIRST LOOK: Check Out Facebook's New Snapchat-Style Features

Everything you love about Snapchat is coming to Facebook!

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Snapchat has emerged as a huge threat to Facebook in recent years, so much so that Mark Zuckerberg tried to acquire them - an offer they politely declined. 

Since being spurned, Facebook has taken the only other route available to them and started copying every feature that makes Snapchat what it is. First came the Instagram clone, then Whatsapp started doing the same (both apps are owned by Facebook). And now Facebook itself is rolling out a huge copy of Snapchat within their main app.

While we knew this was coming, today we've started seeing it in the wild. Here's what it looks like...


As Zuckerberg himself has said recently: "The camera is the composer". What that means is that people are sharing less written status updates and are creating videos and all sorts of other rich media. 

This is, of course, a massive move for Facebook and one which will drastically change the in-app experience but judging by how quickly people have embraced the same functionality on Instagram, this might just be another success. 

The real shame is that all apps seem to be copying each other, rather than looking for new creative ideas, which is why they're all starting to look the same. That being said, as with most things on social, in the end Facebook usually win.


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