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FKNK Suspends Membership Of Hunter Who Allegedly Shot Down Protected Bird Species 

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The Federation for Hunting and Conservation in Malta (FKNK) has suspended the membership of a hunter who allegedly shot and killed a protected bird species in Miżieb earlier today. 

The hunting lobby made the announcement via social media, and stated that it will take further action if the individual is found guilty of the crime. 

“With immediate effect, the FKNK is suspending the membership of the individual who this morning was caught by the police allegedly shooting at a protected bird in the Miżieb grove,” the press release said.

“If this person is convicted of the alleged offense, that membership will be permanently revoked,” it continued. 

Earlier today, police arrested a 44-year-old man from Manikata for allegedly shooting at a protected bird species believed to be a honey buzzard. 

The man was caught with the protected species in his vehicle and with feathers in his pocket. He is currently being held at Police Headquarters and will be arraigned over the coming days.

If found guilty of shooting the protected species, his membership will be permanently revoked. 

The spring hunting season is currently open, but only for Quail. The season will come to a close this week. 

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