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For That Time Of The Month: KSU Launches Free ‘Period Locker’ On University Of Malta Campus

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The University students’ council has just launched a new exciting initiative for the campus, introducing the new Period Locker.

The locker will contain pads, tampons, and panty liners, all free of charge, for those in need of supplies during their menstrual cycle.

Collaborating with VJ Salomone, KSU introduced the initiative yesterday, with many students commending the council for thinking of students that might not afford to have enough supplies.

Dressed in red and adorned with stickers, the locker can be located in the women’s bathroom beneath the University’s canteen.

“We will be supplying this locker monthly, with a number of pads, tampons, and liners, free of charge,” KSU said in a post. 

“Please, keep other students in mind, and only take what you need as we only have limited stock. The locker will be closely monitored to ensure equity,” they said.

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