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For The First Time Ever, An Association Supporting Maltese Entertainers And Performers Is Being Set Up

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For the first time ever, Malta’s DJs, musicians, sound and light technicians and general entertainers will be able to join an organisation specifically set up to support them.

The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association is calling on everyone to join, from creators and promotors to suppliers and technical workers in the entertainment.

This comes as the Maltese entertainment industry experiences a slowdown like it has never seen before, with the typically busy summer kick-off season practically void of events – and performers are feeling the loss of income. 

“The goal is to have all sectors, roles and genres come together as one Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association,” the group said on its website. “Presently, our industry has no legal structures or representation and is one of the few, if not the only industry which is not structured and backed by an association.”

Whether you are involved in the music, dance or performing arts industries, major Maltese artists who have already joined are calling on everyone to come together to try and better the current situation.

“We’re also not acknowledged by any authority, union, chamber and therefore we have no voice collectively – together we can change that!”

The group already has some key people involved, such as X Factor Malta judge Howard Keith Debono as well as leading DJs and producers Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar.

“Unfortunately, it’s a proven fact that the entertainment industry is always the first to get the hit and the last to recover during recessions and challenging times,” the group saying, pledging to change that.

If you’d like to join the MEIA, just click on the following link

Tag someone who needs to get involved with MEIA

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