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Former Employee Of Contractor Linked To Abandoned Migrant Says He Was Fired After Similar Construction Site Fall 

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A former employee of J&G Farrugia Contractors has come forward and revealed that he was fired from his job after falling one storey while on the job. 

The company has found itself at the centre of controversy after a migrant worker was abandoned on the roadside after being injured on a construction site it managed.

The man, a 32-year-old Ghanian national was discovered lying on the ground by passers-by, who called the police and an ambulance. 

It appears that his employer had told him that he would take him to hospital, but instead dumped him on the side of the road, likely because he was working without a permit. 

One of the company’s directors, Glen Farrugia, has been spoken to by the police about the matter, though it isn’t clear whether he has been identified as the person that dumped the migrant on the side of the road, or whether he has been spoken to as one of the directors of the company in question. 

Now, a former employee has gotten in touch with Lovin Malta to say that they had passed through a similar experience with Farrugia. 

“I used to work with him as a foreman and I fell from a height of one storey while doing some work on a garage,” the employee said on condition of anonymity. “He doesn’t care much about safety because he believes he has a lot of power.”

They said that after visiting a health centre, they were sent to Mater Dei to have a cast because of the injuries sustained. 

“Then, when I asked him to sign my injury paper I was told that I was no longer on the company’s books.” 

The employee said that he wasn’t the only one that had gone through such an experience. 

“There was another guy who had also fallen on the job and was fired right after. This is how he works and to be honest, I think it’s gone to his head.” 

Construction site safety is a long-standing issue in Malta with a multitude of injuries, mostly involving foreign workers, reported each year. 

Despite the industry’s death toll, on-site safety remains scarce with little to no enforcement carried out by local regulatory agencies. 

Lovin Malta recently launched its Planning Web project which is seeking to add an element of transparency to Malta’s construction industry. In addition to finding the latest news and analysis about the industry, you call also use the platform to report any illegal works or construction-related issues.

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