Former Labour MP Found Not Guilty Of Threatening Police With Complaint To Prime Minister

Joe Debono Grech gets off scot-free after police charge him with threatening behaviour

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Joe Debono Grech (centre) with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat 

The courts have cleared former Labour MP Joe Debono Grech of threatening on-duty police officers to report them directly to the Prime Minister.

The case goes back to September when Debono Grech, a director of the Gozo Channel, filed a police report against a truck owner who had left his vehicle obstructing some 40 cars that were queuing for the ferry at the Mġarr port. Debono Grech was disappointed at the way the police handled his complaint, told the officers who he was and threatened to report them directly to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. In his ruling today, magistrate Joe Mifsud denied that this could in any way constitute a threat.

“God forbid I had to consider that a threat because that would send out a message that no one in positions of authority are accountable to their superiors,” Mifsud said.

Debono Grech was recently granted the National Order of Merit (Gieħ ir-Repubblika), one of Malta’s highest honours, for his services to the country throughout his long tenure as a MP. 

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