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Four New Speed Cameras To Be Installed Along The Coast Road

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The Local Enforcement Agency (LESA) have confirmed the installation of four new speed cameras across the Coast Road – with two going to be installed on either side of the road.

LESA confirmed that these installations have already been approved by Transport Malta and explained that warning signs for drivers to be aware of these speed cameras have already been installed across the road.

The reason for these installations has been made in response to several terrible road accidents that have occurred and also recommendations that emerged from a Magisterial Inquiry into the accidents. It comes after the Coast Road was also named the most dangerous road in Malta.

The stretch of road landed a total high accident concentration score of 566 between 2010 and 2018, with six deaths and over 70 grievous injuries during those nine years.

The speed cameras will be installed within the so-called ‘black spots’ in an attempt to prevent future traffic accidents from occurring. Road safety continues to be a pressing issue in Malta, with traffic accidents reaching the news cycle at least a few times a week.

Only continued efforts to stop traffic accidents will be able to stop this ever-growing problem.

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