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Good News For Malta’s E-Scooter Riders: A Proposed €25 License Fee Has Been Scrapped

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E-scooter riders in Malta will not have to pay an annual €25 license fee after all, with Transport Malta announcing it has scrapped the controversial proposal.

“The feedback was very strong and we enjoyed seeing it because it shows there is a high demand, that people are interested and that we are working for a good cause,” Transport Malta project manager Kurt Vella said on TVAM yesterday. “One of the biggest issues we saw was the license proposal and we have now revised the idea and need to look forward to coming up with a situation that more people will approve of.”

As part of a public consultation process to regulate e-scooters, Transport Malta had proposed that riders must pay a one-time registration fee of €11.65 per vehicle and an annual €25 license fee.

The proposal proved controversial, with several people arguing that the government was placing unnecessary restrictions upon an accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Transport Minister Ian Borg himself came out against the proposal too, saying he cannot understand why Transport Malta wants to impose an annual €25 license fee on e-scooters while 125cc motorcycles only have a €10 license fee.

The proposed regulation also states that e-scooter riders will need to have a valid driving license and insurance policy, essentially restricting its use for people 18 and older.

Vella said that it was Transport Malta’s goal from the start to eventually reduce the e-scooter riding age but that it had wanted the first batch of riders to be people with some level of experience in navigating Malta’s roads.  However, it will now reduce the riding age from the start.

“The feedback we received showed there was a demand to tackle this earlier and we are now asking ourselves internally how to reduce the age,” he said.

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