Gozo's Cittadella Gets Dubious Makeover With Frosted Glass Door

It was intended to "recreate a more authentic spatial experience"

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One of Gozo's most iconic attractions, the small fortified city of Cittadella, has been sealed off by an unsavoury frosted glass door carrying a sketch of the fortifications.

Many have already expressed their disappointment with the new door as photos of the construction work emerged on Facebook.

The door is part of a wider renovation project. Back in 2011, the planning authority had approved the Cittadella Masterplan which dictated that the arched entrance be sealed and replaced by the original entrance. 

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Render of how the sealed entrance will look, with the original entrance reopened to the right. Source

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One of the objectives behind reinstating the old entranceway was to "recreate Cittadella as it originally struck the visitor". 

"Reviving the old entrance as the main gate to the citadel would recreate a more authentic spatial experience. It forms an element of surprise as visitors walk through the vaulted passageway into the main square," the Masterplan said.

It also gave an indication of how this could be done tastefully, using an image of a similar gate at the Vatican. 

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Extract from the Cittadella Masterplan

The Masterplan also spoke about commissioning the works for the entrance through an international design competition. 

Watch this video of the gorgeous Cittadella in its restored glory

So what do you think of the makeover? Tell us in the comments below.

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The previous entrance to Cittadella. Source

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