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‘He Believed He’d Go To Heaven If He Killed Me’: Man Stabbed In Neck In Mosta Garage By Former Colleague Speaks

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Lamir Mohammad thought he was going to a garage in Mosta to pick up a work-related routine payment – but found himself running for his life minutes later.

Mohammad, 29 years old, was allegedly stabbed in the neck by a former colleague who was hiding behind a corner at around 10pm Tuesday night. The attack left him with grievous injuries, and has left him fearing for his life.

Recovering in bed, Mohammad spoke to Lovin Malta about what led to the attack on his life, why it happened and the fear he and his family now live in with the aggressor still uncaptured as a police manhunt is underway.

“Two days ago, a friend of mine called me saying ‘let’s meet, I need to give you some money’,” Mohammad recounted to Lovin Malta. “But if I had known that man was going to be there, I would never have gone.”

Mohammad is referring to a former colleague of his, someone he says “hates” him. Both Mohammad and his alleged attacker are Syrian.

“I have a loving family, and he’s known for years, but he never had a chance to kill me before,” Mohammad says wearily.

According to him, his attacker, who is currently at large and believed to be hiding with sympathetic parties within the community, had previously spoken about killing certain people to secure himself a place in heaven.

“I know who did it, and he hates me,” Mohammed said. “He is here illegally, while I am here paying taxes, have a car and a loving family. That’s what really angered him – that I have a good, honest life here.”

On the fateful night, Mohammad showed up outside an aluminium garage in Triq il-Kappar, Mosta.

“All the garages were closed by then, it was around 9.30pm, but I thought maybe he was working or something. One guy who I know told me ‘orajt?‘ as I entered the garage… and then suddenly, out of nowhere I felt this brutal hit to my head. I had no idea what was happening, and then I see this guy with a massive machete, like the ones used by ISIS. Within seconds, I ran away and ran back into my car and drove directly to Mater Dei. But blood was coming out everywhere and it was getting harder to see through the windows.”

The alleged aggressor that police are currently seeking

The alleged aggressor that police are currently seeking

When Mohammad got to Mater Dei, police questioned him and he received medical assistance. He provided the home address of his alleged attacker to the police, but when they visited his house, he wasn’t there.

I have a wife and son – and I am so scared he goes to attack them. He is like a terrorist, and he doesn’t have anything to lose, he is here on illegal papers – in his mind, if he kills, he will go to heaven,” Mohammad said strongly. 

“I’ve been here for years, paid all my dues and have never had any reason to go to the police. I have no problems with Muslims or Catholics, but this guy, he’s got the mind of ISIS.”

A manhunt was launched following the attack; if you have any information on the incident or the alleged aggressor, please contact the police on 112 or by visiting your nearest police station.

What do you make of this shocking case?

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